Ayla IoT Platform to Deliver Advanced IoT Control, Functionality, Energy Savings to Stelpro Maestro — Smart Thermostats

Stelpro to Highlight Maestro — Smart Thermostats at AHR Expo 2017

January 30, 2017

Ayla Networks, a global Internet of Things (IoT) platform for manufacturers, has announced that Stelpro, a leading Canadian manufacturer of integrated heating solutions, has used Ayla IoT platform technology to provide IoT cloud connectivity for its new Maestro — Smart Thermostats® smart home solutions.

“The Ayla IoT platform made it easy to give our Maestro — Smart Thermostats IoT cloud connectivity and a number of advanced IoT control features, including personalization, grouping by zones and geofencing,” said Étienne Guay, vice president of innovation and product development for Stelpro. “These features not only simplify the control of Stelpro electric heating products, they also enhance home residents’ energy savings.”

In addition to Ayla Networks, Stelpro also partnered with Mirego and mnubo to create its Maestro — Smart Thermostats. Mirego, based in Montreal, developed the smart thermostat’s mobile app and user interface. mnubo, also based in Montreal, provides data analytics and strategic insights that will help consumers monitor and control their energy consumption.

“A leader in the electric heating industry, Stelpro is leveraging the Ayla IoT platform to take their Maestro — Smart Thermostats to the next level of IoT control and functionality,” said Dave Friedman, CEO and co-founder of Ayla Networks. “Maestro is an example of how quickly smart home products are evolving and what consumers should expect from their IoT solutions.”

The Maestro — Smart Thermostats, part of Stelpro’s broader family of smart home solutions, provide convenient, secure mobile device control for Stelpro baseboard heaters, convectors and unit heaters. Through seamless coordination of Stelpro’s heating devices, the new smart thermostats help maintain comfortable temperatures for everyone in the home, while saving energy when residents are away.

Taking advantage of Ayla IoT platform technologies, the Maestro mobile app allows advanced IoT capabilities including geofencing, or the creation of a virtual geographic boundary so that particular actions can be triggered when users enter or leave the “geofenced” area.

The Maestro — Smart Thermostats are scheduled to be available through North American electrical distributors and home improvement retailers beginning in fall 2017.

Stelpro will demonstrate its new smart thermostats in its booth #C6740 at AHR Expo 2017, being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center Jan. 30 to Feb. 1. More information will be available at Ayla’s AHR booth #C1156, in the Building Automation and Control Showcase area of the convention center’s Central Hall.

About Ayla Networks

Ayla Networks empowers leading manufacturers by simplifying the inherent complexity of the Internet of Things (IoT), enabling them to turn their products into smart connected systems and transform their businesses to compete in the game-changing world of connectivity. Delivered as a cloud platform-as-a-service (PaaS), Ayla’s IoT platform provides the flexibility and modularity to enable rapid changes to practically any type of device, cloud or app environment. Ayla is a member of the elite Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network, so all connected products running on the Ayla IoT cloud gain the security and availability benefits of the AWS cloud infrastructure. For more information, visit www.aylanetworks.com.

About Stelpro

Since 1981, Stelpro has offered a unique line of efficient and innovative heating products, thermostats, heating cables and HVAC, designed and manufactured in Canada and meeting the highest quality standards in the industry. The company employs more than 450 people in two manufacturing plants. It manufactures and sells more than 800,000 heating units annually (baseboards, convectors and unit heaters), making it the North American leader in the electric heating industry. Since 2014, Stelpro has been listed as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies. For more information, visit stelpro.com.

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