Ayla Networks and Murata Americas to Expand the Market of the Internet of Things

November 20, 2013

Companies will co-market integrated connectivity modules, services and technology to help manufacturers rapidly deliver Internet-connected products using Ayla’s Cloud Platform


November 20, 2013—Sunnyvale, Calif.—Ayla Networks, a leader in technology and cloud-based services for the Internet of Things, and Murata Americas today announced that they enable manufacturers to rapidly create and bring world-class Internet-connected devices to market quickly and economically.

Murata Americas will produce and market intelligent Wi-Fi modules containing the Ayla Embedded Agent software. Integrated by manufacturers into their products, the modules turn industrial, household, healthcare, and consumer products into smart-connected products. Combined with the Ayla Cloud Services and Mobile Applications, the end-to-end solution allows consumers, manufacturers, and service providers to remotely communicate with devices, collect data and automate operations via the Ayla Cloud Services.


To accelerate rapid prototyping by manufacturer development teams, the Ayla Design Kit is being introduced. This out-of-box solution features the Murata Type YD Wi-Fi modules enabled with Ayla Embedded Agents and demo applications that allow developers to connect to Ayla Cloud Services. Murata will be showcasing this kit at the Internet of Things and WSN USA 2013 Conference taking place November 20-21 in Santa Clara, CA.

“Adding Internet connectivity to products fundamentally enhances the value and capabilities manufacturers can bring to their customers. The challenge has been developing and integrating all of the system elements required for a secure, smart-connected product,” said Mehul Udani, General Manager at Murata Americas. “Our collaboration with Ayla removes those roadblocks by providing manufacturers with a drop-in, total solution for virtually any product with a circuit board.”

Developed by experts in embedded systems, cloud networking, and mobility from Stanford University, Amazon, Cisco and other leading companies, Ayla’s platform provides a world class system for bringing everyday objects like lights, heaters, water pumps and even kitchen equipment into the Internet Age. The platform consists of three elements: the Ayla Embedded Agent, a software layer that securely links devices to the cloud; Ayla Cloud Services, which manages devices and the data they generate; and the Ayla Application Libraries, a suite of tools to rapidly develop smartphone and tablet applications for users to control devices.


The Ayla Cloud Platform automates network configuration, security, system management, and over-the-air upgrades to enable manufacturers to reduce development risk and rapidly deliver world class Internet-connect products. Ayla allows manufacturers to scale to large product deployments by eliminating the compatibility problems, network miscommunications, and security vulnerabilities endured with in-house developed and first generation Internet-connectivity solutions. Consumer and industrial product manufacturers do not have to write or verify a single line of networking code to bring products online and consumers can typically link their products to Ayla’s cloud with a few swipes on a smart phone.


SINA, the largest Chinese language portal in the world with over 500 million users, has already adopted Ayla’s technology and cloud services into new consumer product lines.

Ayla’s cloud technology also optimizes available resources as deployments grow, permitting the company to offer manufacturers Internet connectivity for the life of their products for an economical, one-time fee. Ayla’s unique technology and business model effectively turn Internet connectivity into a component, lowering costs for both manufacturers and consumers.

“We are incredibly gratified to be working with Murata, one of the most recognized and trusted brands in electronics,” said Dave Friedman, co-founder and CEO of Ayla Networks. “The Internet of Things has begun to take off. We’ve already seen it in the adoption of smart thermostats and personal health monitors. With Murata’s collaboration, we are helping manufacturers to enter the market quickly.”

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Ayla Networks was founded to address the massive changes needed to connect “things” to the Internet in a secure and scalable way. The company has developed an end-to-end platform that helps manufacturers and service providers to rapidly turn home controls, building controls, HVAC, appliances, lighting and other everyday products into world-class smart devices that can collect information, be managed remotely, or perform tasks automatically on behalf of consumers and businesses. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., the company has partnered with major electronics manufacturers and leading venture investors who share this vision. For more information, contact Ayla Networks at www.aylanetworks.com.

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