King I Partners with Ayla Networks to Innovate on Smart Thermostats

King I's Smart Thermostats Benefit from Ayla IoT Cloud for Convenience, Flexibility, Energy Savings and Efficiency

July 18, 2019

King I Electronics Co., Ltd., a leading provider of comprehensive climate-control solutions for room, multi-family, small business, hospitality, government, commercial buildings, retail and industrial applications in automation and energy control, has partnered with Ayla Networks for its smart thermostat family of products.

“In the Internet of Things market, no single company can fully master all the knowledge and technology needed for successful connected-product development,” said David Wan, King I’s general manager. “Therefore, future competitiveness will be determined not by an organization’s ability to succeed alone, rather by its ability to partner effectively and seek cooperation with other companies. Working with Ayla Networks helps us stay ahead in this increasingly tough competitive environment and expand our share in the global market. Leveraging the benefits of Ayla Network's technology, King I's smart thermostats with wireless remote sensing applications bring users unparalleled benefits and performance."

For instance, the King I thermostats powered by Ayla IoT cloud technology enable convenient temperature changes, HVAC system monitoring and maintenance, vacation mode setting and programming through King I's iT-Ctrl app. As a result, users can reduce energy costs and gain an improved customer experience.

“King I is among the world’s leading climate-control technology companies, and we are excited about the potential of our partnership to transform the comfort and energy management space,” said Jonathan Cobb, CEO of Ayla Networks. “This announcement is yet another strong validation of Ayla’s flexible IoT platform and our ability to deliver meaningful business outcomes for consumer and commercial OEMs."

King I selected Ayla Networks’ cloud platform services on the basis of Ayla's worldwide presence and reliable, secure and easy IoT connectivity. In addition to the ease of service integration, Ayla is capable of supporting millions of simultaneous device connections and easily allowing King I to configure its devices for machine-to-machine communication. The Ayla platform also provides all the required managed integrations—over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates, device management, cloud connections, etc. — to connect and monitor a fleet of devices online.

About King I Electronic Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1996 as a pioneer in timer and temperature-control devices in Taiwan, “King I” has established its good reputation in the field for its high-quality, innovative, user-friendly designs and wide product portfolio of programmable and non-programmable thermostats and timers for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) digital temperature control devices, for both residential and commercial applications. To ensure that its products keep up with the leading technology of home automation, King I’s top-grade engineers and software developers have successfully introduced versatile, up-to-date wireless, smart home and IoT technologies that enable its products to work with the most popular platforms and operating systems available today. For more information, please visit

About Ayla Networks

Ayla Networks, a leading provider of edge connectivity, device management and application enablement for the Internet of Things (IoT), enables the world’s consumer device and commercial equipment companies to launch connected products across any sensor, device, and cloud. By leveraging the Ayla IoT™ platform, customers are able to quickly productize future-proofed, connected products, while making device data usable for ongoing analytic insights and delivering better business outcomes. For more information, visit

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