Kryo Uses Ayla IoT Platform to Create a Wi-Fi Connected Sleep Performance System

March 16, 2017

Ayla Networks, a global Internet of Things (IoT) platform for manufacturers, announces that its IoT platform technology is powering the next-generation, Wi-Fi-enabled Kryo Sleep Performance System. Building on the successful ChiliPad temperature-controlled mattress design, Kryo’s IoT-based sleep performance system improves sleep quality by tracking and controlling sleeping temperature in real time.

“We are experts in the sleep performance market, but we are not masters of all the new technologies involved in the IoT,” said Todd Youngblood, co-founder of Kryo. “To manage our risk in this new IoT realm, we knew we needed to find a best-in-class partner—which is why we chose the Ayla IoT platform.”

“The Kryo system represents an innovative intersection of smart home, IoT wearables and the burgeoning sleep performance markets,” said Rod McLane, senior director of marketing of Ayla Networks. “The Kryo Sleep Performance System also demonstrates the right approach to turning traditional discrete products into IoT-enabled connected products.”

Leveraging a decade of ChiliPad experience, the Kryo Sleep Performance System integrates with wearable sleep diagnostic tools to monitor and control sleepers’ temperatures to optimal levels. It uses embedded Ayla software agents for Wi-Fi-based IoT connectivity, and it takes advantage of the Ayla mobile app library for compatibility with leading smart home environments such as Nest and Apple HomeKit.

Better Sleep Through IoT and Sleep Performance Technologies

Research has proven that maintaining a sleeping environment at 60 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit can measurably improve both REM and deep sleep. Numerous sleep studies have shown that better sleep can positively affect overall fitness, weight control, energy levels and cognitive abilities. In addition, athletes, insomniacs and menopausal women can benefit from cooler sleeping temperatures.

The Kryo Sleep Performance System includes a water-based cooling mattress topper, accompanying control unit and Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone app that allow for precise temperature control.

Users can set a weekly schedule to maintain ideal mattress temperatures, program temperature changes throughout the night and set alarms to awaken with warmth. The Kryo smartphone app is compatible with leading fitness and sleep trackers, syncing up with Fitbit, Jawbone Up, MyFitnessPal and other apps to monitor sleep.

Expected to begin shipping in August 2017, each single Kryo cooling mattress topper will be offered at a retail price of $299. The product will be available through the Kryo e-commerce site at

More information on the Ayla IoT platform and the Kyro IoT-based sleep performance system will be available at Ayla’s booth #4 at the IoT Summit 2017, being held March 16-17 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, Calif.

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