Selecting the Right IoT Platform is Critical to Your Success

Although it has been with us in some form and under different names for many years, the Internet of Things (IoT) is suddenly the next big thing. Manufacturers are stepping into this new world of endless possibilities and while some are overwhelmed, others consider taking on the IoT Platform themselves. This proves over and over to be a costly and time consuming mistake. 

Working with a mature IoT Platform provider will significantly accelerate your time to market and your ability to deliver a world-class connected product, versus trying to do it all in-house. But what’s most important to consider when evaluating and selecting an IoT Platform? The ease and simplicity of getting basic networking to work on your prototype, getting it to talk to a cloud and your mobile app are essential and a critical first step, but what else must you think about and consider so that this new era of IoT doesn’t come back to bite you later? There are three critical considerations when choosing an IoT platform, specifically what to evaluate in a platform architecture so that your needs are met today, and more importantly, are going to be met in the future as you expand your family and functionality of smart-connected products. The key platform architectural attributes are: (1) Security (2) Flexibility (3) Data Intelligence. 

A manufacturer can try to assemble a breadth of development expertise and build a platform with all of the necessary data intelligence functions in-house, but building all this will require hiring and retaining significant expertise and paying an ongoing cost: lots of money and lots of risk. The alternatives are to be like Google and buy a company that can do it for you (got $3.2 billion burning a hole in your pocket?) or to go about it the smartest way and select an off-the-shelf IoT platform from a company that does only that… In other words, let Ayla be your end to end IoT Platform. 

Why Ayla?  Selecting_the_Right_IoT_Platform-Quote2.png

Ayla Networks helps manufacturers build connected products without the concern or management of the security, scalability or extensibility on the device, the cloud or mobile & web services. Manufacturers can purchase Ayla software embedded inside wifi chips, enabling you to quickly make and ship connected products. Ayla is one of only a few companies to allow you to do that. 

Ayla’s flexible, scalable and secure back end will grow with your needs and demands ad you grow. Ayla takes care of the security, scale and interoperability and we handle the challenges in creating connected products by having pre-defined services that are easily accessible by our clients and having as much of the solution available out of the box. 

Ayla is an application platform–as–a–service (PaaS) for the Internet of Things. It is a comprehensive software solution that transforms everyday products into intelligent, interactive products quickly, easily, and economically. The Ayla IoT Platform combines innovative software and networking technologies with cloud-based platforms and digital information services, and supports best-in-class hardware from leading component vendors. Our streamlined approach allows manufacturers to integrate Ayla connectivity into products without substantial design modifications or changes to existing business models, and in a way that consumers will understand and appreciate. Ayla’s goal is to help you build a better product!

White Paper: "Agile IoT Platforms How to Select the Right IoT Platform"

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