Tips for Successfully Investing in an IoT Service Platform

Investing in an IoT Service Platform 

Today manufacturers are seeking an IoT Service Platform to produce IoT enabled products that provide users with a better experience or just to learn how users are actually using your devices. IoT service platforms are evolving at a faster pace than “do it yourself” (DIY) IoT application developers can maintain. 

As you define you requirements, ask the following key questions: 

  • How quickly can you get to market? Time-to-market (TTM) is directly affected by how long the reiterative development cycle takes before a project passes a requirements acceptance test. Taking advantage of known good platform APIs can help speed TTM. 

  • What else can you do with your development resources? Opportunity cost – what else can you do with your resources to generate more revenue or make your crowdsourcing windfall last longer? This is hard to quantify, but it also has a direct relationship to TTM. 

  • How will you economically deliver a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) benefit? After you have sold and deployed physical components as capital expenses (CAPEX), what will your customer’s operational expenses (OPEX) requirements be to make your solution work and to ensure it continues to work as expected? How much will you spend in support costs to meet your customer’s service metrics? Security and data management are major contributors to overall TCO.

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Ayla Networks’ Agile IoT Platform is an excellent example of this emerging class of IoT service platforms – sometimes called IoT Platform as a Service (PaaS). Ayla Networks addresses three critical components of IoT PaaS – connecting devices to cloud services at scale, generating insights from sensor data, and delivering a consumer mobile app experience. 

Ayla offers you a complete IoT Platform: 

  • Managed cloud service.
  • Ayla enabled networking hardware to connect your devices to the Ayla cloud 
  • Mobile application libraries. 
  • And a full suite of business intelligence and reporting services. 

Ayla’s agile IoT platform abstracts the complexities of developing connected devices, so you can focus on what you do best. Ayla is solving the Internet of Things so you don’t have to!

White Paper: "IoT Service Platforms: Some Assembly Required"

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