Ayla Insights is a fully integrated business intelligence and analytics platform that provides manufacturers with real-world insights into how their connected products are being used. More and more manufacturers are realizing that the true value of the Internet of Things is in the data, but are just as quickly learning that most of them lack the programming time and or expertise to extract the meaning from the “raw” data that is being generated by their newly connected products.

Ayla Insights provides an easy and affordable path for manufacturers to unlock the value of their data by offering a way to quickly visualize, analyze, and explore their data, regardless of the device or application type. The Ayla Insights data platform completes the feedback loop for manufacturers and provides the fastest path for uncovering the actionable data needed to improve product development, customer satisfaction, and revenues.

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Product Benefits

Get up and Running Quickly

With a deep and seamless out-of-the-box integration with Ayla’s Agile IoT Platform and OEM Dashboard, Ayla Insights allows manufacturers to hit the ground running and very quickly turn raw data into actionable insights. Without the need for any custom software development or integration work to get started, manufacturers now have insight into their products from day one.

Agility and Configurability

Ayla Insights provides rapid insights into a manufacturer’s products by offering a broad range of IoT reports and tools to analyze application data. These highly configurable out-of-the-box reports, coupled with Ayla’s flexible cloud architecture, enable manufacturers, for the very first time, to make faster product iterations to both new and existing products that are already in the field.

Own the Data

As more and more manufacturers are realizing that the real value behind the Internet of Things is in the data, and with IoT making it easier to unlock this invaluable information, the question has now become how do you retain access to it? Giant consumer brands are entering the market and positioning themselves as the potential keepers of this data, threatening to leave device manufacturers on the outside looking in. Ayla believes that as manufacturers stand to benefit the most from this newly found insight, they should be able to not only collect this data, but also analyze it, and with Ayla they can.

No Need to Hire a Data Team

The Internet of Things is unlocking data that has never been accessible before, but what do you do with it once you have it? Historically, you would have to assemble a team of data scientists who are experts in modeling and interpreting the information to be able to do anything, but with Ayla Insights this all goes away. You will have instant access to actionable data without having to become data experts.

Ayla Insights

Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform for IoT

The IoT is changing everything, expanding our ability to monitor and measure things that are taking place in the real world. Ayla Insights takes the manufacturer’s data one-step further providing not only personalized, location, and status data, but also actionable data, offering a complete 360-degree view of product usage.

Key Features

  • Role Based Access Control

      Data is the most valuable resource in the Internet of Things and should be protected as such; not all data should be consumable by all users. Ayla Insights provides the flexibility to not only control and manipulate the data into actionable insights, but offers a way to control who can access it and, more importantly, what they can do with it.

  • Performance Measurements and Graphic Benchmark Tools

      Agility is key to a device manufacturer’s future success; this is especially true as competition continues to adopt the Internet of Things. The manufacturers who will win and become the leaders in their respective markets will be those who become data centric, quickly analyzing their data and iterating on their products the fastest. Ayla Insights offers manufacturers these capabilities, allowing them to quickly evaluate the health of their deployment and or pinpoint how a particular device is operating in comparison to the rest of the fleet, all at a single glance.

  • Automatically Updated Dashboards and Alerts

      Speed is the key to survival in any market, especially in those that are ever changing, and with Ayla Insights you will have real time access to the current status and other data from any device and or your entire deployment. No need in waiting for a daily report to be batched in the wee hours of the morning. Access your data how you want, when you want.