Ayla’s Phone-as-a-Gateway (PaaG) capability allows Bluetooth-enabled products to connect to the Ayla IoT cloud using a smartphone or other mobile device. By extending Bluetooth products' local IoT connectivity to the cloud, PaaG lets manufacturers and service providers gain the full value of the IoT data generated by their products.

Built directly into Ayla's mobile SDK and Agile Mobile Application Platform (AMAP), Ayla's PaaG capability allows Bluetooth-enabled products such as power tools, kitchen appliances, health and wellness devices, irrigation, and other outdoor products to be connected to Ayla's virtualization and management platform, allowing manufacturers and service providers to take full advantage of Ayla's IoT capabilities including user and device management, data management, cloud-to-cloud integrations, and application enablement. 

 PaaG Phone-as-a-Gateway Overview

Product Benefits

Cloud Analytics & Integrations

Use cloud analytics and cloud-based integrations with other IoT products and services to enhance the value of their products to end users. For example, manufacturers of power tools could include services that monitor and optimize battery management, enable remote control of the power tools, or upload tool settings for specific tasks so that even inexperienced home owners can achieve precision tool control.

No Standalone Gateway Required

Ayla’s PaaG capability allows Bluetooth-enabled products to connect to the Ayla IoT cloud using a smartphone or other mobile device without requiring IoT gateways.

Supports Both New & Existing Products

Manufacturers can use Ayla's Phone-as-a-Gateway capability to connect their new or existing Bluetooth products to the Ayla IoT cloud, allowing the mobile device to handle cloud connectivity using its own Wi-Fi or cellular connection. As a result, entirely new classes of smart products can leverage the Ayla device virtualization and management platform.

Add or Enhance Revenue Streams

Add or enhance revenue streams through value-added services, consumables or integration with other connected products, including from third parties. For Instance, manufacturers could offer additional complementary products or consumable replacements based on individual consumer usage patterns. They could also provide subscription services for tailored feedback, providing weekly or daily guidance to improve watering and feeding of garden plants, or customized recipe suggestions to accompany a smart cooker or kitchen scale. 

Platform Components

PaaG Architecture

Ayla Networks is the leading device virtualization and management platform, accelerating the development, support, and ongoing enhancements of connected products for the Internet of Things, including Bluetooth devices. Ayla’s end-to-end software runs across devices, the cloud, and applications to provide secure connectivity, virtualization, management, and application enablement to drive strong business value. Click on the orange icons to learn more.

Key Features

  • Over the Air Updates

      Leveraging Ayla's OTA Manager, manufacturers of Bluetooth devices can systematically push upgrades from the cloud through the mobile app to patch or add features.

  • Role Based Access Control

      Leveraging Ayla's Role Based Access Control, Phone-as-a-Gateway users can grant family members, guests, support techs, etc. usage privileges to their Bluetooth devices.

  • Rules Engine

      Phone-as-a-Gateway users can leverage Ayla's cloud-based Rules Engine to enable triggers based on nearly any action or condition.

  • Alerts & Notifications

      Phone-as-a-Gateway devices can utilize the Ayla cloud to notify users of an event via email, SMS text message, and or push notification.