Connecting Deployed Equipment with AylaIQ

AylaIQ is a turnkey solution tailored for both product manufacturers and service enterprises to realize rapid time to IoT value from their deployed devices. 

The solution, which comes in a simple and easy to deploy dongle form integrated with Ayla’s cloud service and dashboard application, is designed for ubiquitous serial/diagnostic port communication standards that are common across various types of residential and commercial equipment. 

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Benefits of AylaIQ

Adding Internet connectivity of your existing assets opens the door to digital transformation of your company. With device data collected in the cloud and leveraged through any number of analytical or diagnostic use cases, you can start to realize the promised benefits of IoT for your business.


Rapid time to business value with low configuration effort


High visibility into device usage and performance to understand operational patterns


Extend lifecycle of existing assets through timely maintenance decisions


Optimized service costs through truck roll reduction


Improved customer experience through reduced unplanned downtime

Applications Built on Your Data

With AylaIQ, you also enjoy multiple paths to leverage data from your connected devices. From user command and control via mobile app to diagnostic dashboards for remote support teams, the Ayla Foundry enables rapid development of your applications. Learn more about application enablement with your data and Ayla.


Consumer mobile applications - Reduce development cycles and save time and cost with Ayla Foundry’s Mobile SDK and template applications


Diagnostic support portals - Place context on the device data to identify product malfunctions or performance issues as data is sent to the cloud and pro-actively activate support teams

AylaIQ Use Cases

water flow IoT


Many industrial plumbing and water systems have flow meters to monitor the flow of liquids through their system and require manual recording and evaluation by maintenance staff. With AylaIQ, these modbus/RS485 devices can now send flow-rate data to the cloud for remote monitoring and support by facilities staff, saving time, money, and reducing the risk of equipment failure.



Deployed HVAC equipment on commercial buildings requires scheduled maintenance to ensure efficient operation, costing time and money even if the equipment is working properly. With AylaIQ, HVAC equipment with modbus / RS485  can be remotely monitored through web-based support portals and data sent by the device. This reduces unnecessary maintenance calls and reduces overall Opex for equipment maintenance.

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