IoT presents many areas of business transformation for manufacturers and suppliers of commercial products. When products are connected and transmitting data to the cloud they can be much better monitored, maintained, and supported leading to increased uptime, lower support costs through reduced service truck rolls, and increased customer satisfaction. Ayla IoT provides all foundational elements required to connect, secure, manage, and scale commercial devices globally while providing the business applications necessary to optimize product support and enable the very real savings on support Opex. 

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Benefits for OEMs

With IoT, commercial manufacturers can now remotely monitor and support their products while enabling field service organizations and dealers to be more efficient with their support activities. 


Product diagnostics to identify performance issues as they occur to provide support in near-real-time


Device management capabilities to push firmware OTA updates or device reboot to remotely address product performance issues


Highly configurable platform capable of adding highly tailored functionality to suit specific business and product requirements


Expert consultant services to guide OEM adoption of higher level data analytics such as ML, AI, and predictive maintenance to ensure high value and ROI on solution investment is maintained

Benefits for Support Teams and Dealers

With remote monitoring of commercial products, support teams and dealers can more efficiently support products and drastically lower Opex through reducedd truck rolls and time to resolution.


Dealers supporting a fleet of devices and field service technicians can more efficiently plan and route their truck rolls based on product diagnostics informing of issue severity and root cause


Integrating product data with in-house service management applications enables support teams and dealers to increase support efficiency throughout the organization


Product diagnostics can identify replenishment opportunities as soon as they occur leading to increased revenue and customer satisfaction


Ayla’s data privacy and compliance capabilities, including GDPR-readiness, ensures data privacy on sensitive customer data

Commercial Product Use Cases

Commercial Lighting

Lighting, like many other commercial use cases brought about by IoT, stands to benefit not only from increased efficiency, but the ability to offer additional functionality that is only available through the close integrations with other systems. Property managers can now better utilize lighting to optimally illuminate a space as well as provide invaluable security and life safety services that have never before been possible, until now.

Commercial Building Equipment (HVAC)

As one of the integral components of any connected building, HVAC, with its abundance of controllers, thermostats, and sensors provides a wealth of potential for commercial OEMs. Whether if it’s the ability to more accurately heat and cool specific zones of a building based on occupancy or leveraging the expertise of a 3rd party service provider to reduce peak loads, IoT opens the door to a number of great opportunities.

Security & Access Controls

When talking about connected buildings, the market tends to focus on efficiency, but what about security & access controls? This segment is one of the most important use cases around connected buildings and stands to benefit the most from the IoT. Property managers can now easily detect intruders, help locate occupants, and manage user access from anywhere, without the need for costly installation or maintenance.


The foodservice industry comprising quick service restaurants, fast casual dining, convenience stores and coffee shop chains, as well as manufacturers of kitchen equipment, is faced with unique challenges and opportunities. This includes faster recipe innovation, reducing equipment repair & maintenance costs, better energy management, and elevating food safety and quality standards to new levels. This sector is ripe for technology-driven transformation to drive top line growth and margin expansion, while delivering a superior guest experience.

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