Leveraging Data to Reduce Customer Support Costs

Internet Service providers (ISPs) are living in a rapidly evolving world with new network standards, competitive over-the-top (OTT) services, and an increasing number of consumer devices connecting to their network. The one constant is that ISPs are fielding support calls and rolling trucks related to consumer devices internet access and performance. ISP support costs are growing proportionally with the complexities that come with “Smart Home” and OTT solutions. So how can ISPs continue to provide tier 1 subscriber support, maintain high NPS, and reduce churn while also reducing their overall support burden?

Benefits & Value Proposition

The use of modern cloud-based data analytics & machine learning, IoT device management, and overall better utilization of their existing data will allow Service Providers to achieve revenue growth while reducing support costs and churn by:

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    Leveraging existing data from CPE devices to understand patterns and proactively identify issues
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    Discovering correlations in service impacting issues and ability to predict adverse events
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    Deploying predictive analytics will enable proactive mitigation before subscribers experience the issues that drive calls and truck rolls
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    Going beyond firmware updates and legacy device management systems to understand subscriber’s devices behavior and Wi-Fi performance

Key Features & Differentiation

Ayla’s IoT offering for Service Providers is a modern, secure, scalable platform with advanced machine learning solutions purpose-built for ISPs that generate predictive insights from existing device data. The solution works with any device type including gateways, OTT boxes, STBs, ONTs, hubs, and other networking devices. Key differentiators are:

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    Data pipeline to handle volume, variety and velocity of device data generated by millions of devices
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    Existing ML models and descriptive analytics trained against service provider device data
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    Extremely fast time to deployment with very little internal IT support required
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    Full cloud-based device management for cost effective device and whole home command and control

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