Enhancing Asset Tracking with IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to deliver strong, new value around use cases for remote tracking of equipment and assets. While adopting new IoT technology can feel daunting, Ayla’s Track And Trace solution removes complexity and enables supply chain operators and equipment manufacturers to quickly launch next generation tracking capabilities and find new business value from IoT. Request a consultation now to see if Track And Trace is right for your IoT needs.

Benefits of Track And Trace

While there are a variety of asset types being tracked by both equipment manufacturers and supply chain operators, the three core asset tracking use cases that are benefiting from IoT includes asset location (where is it), condition and monitoring (what conditions is the asset experiencing, such as temperature and humidity), and reducing risk and cost (how to prevent problems or mitigate them). Each use case has its own unique set of challenges and business benefits available to companies when solved with IoT.


Identifying current location of assets and predicting future movements with ML.


Monitoring the environmental conditions of an asset, such as perishable food, to prevent spoilage events.


Reducing traditional costs for equipment support and perishable product waste.

Ayla’s Track And Trace Solution

Ayla is solving the challenges around asset tracking with an IoT-enabled solution that enables business owners to locate, track, and monitor remote assets in near real-time. Ayla’s Track And Trace solution reduces complexity to develop, time to launch, and overall cost of ownership by providing a wide array of sensor and device options, pre-integrated cloud platform components, advanced analytics, and a highly experienced Professional Services team to guide throughout the project.

Low Power Cellular Agents - Ayla’s pre-built cellular networking and connectivity agents can be easily enabled on a wide variety of tracking and sensor devices provided through a deep ecosystem of hardware partners.

Device Management - The Ayla Command Center is purpose-built to handle the nuances of IoT operations, such as firmware updates, device rule configuration, security, troubleshooting, and more.

Tracking Applications - Purpose-built business applications to suit the needs of your asset, such as route planning and condition monitoring, are provided with Ayla’s Track And Trace solution.

Track and Trace Use Cases

water flow IoT


Real-time notifications to drivers and operation managers when perishable assets reach or exceed set condition thresholds (e.g., temperature of beef package reaches 40 degrees F) when in transit or stationary.



Reduce theft and loss with real-time notifications to operation managers when assets, such as construction equipment, move outside of a predetermined area (e.g., area of a large construction project).



Monitor adherence to compliance requirements in the supply chain (e.g., temperature level requirements of perishable items) with real-time condition monitoring and historic analysis.

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