Most manufacturers will find that building an IoT platform themselves—considering all the factors and skills involved in the process—is too difficult, expensive, and time-consuming.


Unless you’ve already launched successful connected products, it’s unlikely that you have all the technical expertise in-house to create a 5-star connected product, especially at scale. 

Besides the expertise in obvious areas such as embedded device hardware and firmware, networking and communications, cloud computing, and mobile application development, you’ll also need proficiency in the latest data security and privacy processes, integration with other IoT products and services, data storage architectures, performance tuning, reliability testing, over-the-air (OTA) updates, mobile app user experience best practices, and more.

Learn why leading brands around the world including Shark Ninja, Kenmore, De’Longhi, Nestle Water, Napoleon, Hamilton Beach, and Culligan rely on Ayla IoT for their connected initiatives.

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