What is IoT Asset Management & Why Do You Need It?

January 15, 2019

What is IoT Asset Management & Why Do You Need It?

New, more advanced technologies are being introduced every day, all with the hopes of either bringing added convenience or efficiency. Whether you run a high-volume factory or a chain of coffee shops, IoT– led digital transformation can help you streamline operations by providing you with real-time ‘actionable’ insights.

Ayla Network’s IoT platform has been providing asset management services for IoT devices for years and is helping hundreds of clients improve their daily operations. Here they're sharing some facts on  IoT asset management and why it's necessary.

Integrated Solutions Using the Internet

IoT asset management equips all relevant devices with a hands-off ability to share data on an IoT network. Using an IoT platform such as Ayla you can quickly and easily incorporate a variety of assets into your IoT asset managed network and receive recurring updates regarding their status and location.

3 Advantages of IoT Asset Management

Improve Device Visibility and Uptime

Using smart sensors and real-time data triggered alerts, you’ll be able to apply predictive maintenance to the assets in your IoT system. Unlike preventative maintenance, predictive maintenance helps determine precisely when a device is likely to fail or is failing. This means you'll stop problems before they start and increase the longevity and productivity of your devices.

Strategic Cost Tracking

It can be tough to shave costs when you don't know where you might be losing money, so IoT asset management is designed to help identify these gaps. Using the device data that your asset management application collects helps you identify IoT device winners and losers so you can make better device investment choices.  This knowledge also enables businesses to better predict future cost-saving measures and retire unnecessary and unprofitable devices.

Increased Efficiency & Independence

IoT asset management enables you to free up your staff to focus on other important tasks throughout the day. By centralizing and automating the work performed by your IoT assets, your team can focus on more important initiatives, like keeping your clients happy. Since automated IoT asset management systems reduce human error, you'll also increase efficiency.

Learn about our integrated systems and plug-and-play solutions

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