About Ayla

Ayla Networks is the world's leading platform for product manufacturers, service providers, and enterprise companies to connect any device to any application and achieve digital transformation. Ayla's IoT Platform, accelerates the development, support, and ongoing enhancements of connected products for the Internet of Things. Our pure-play IoT platform runs across devices, the cloud, and applications to provide secure connectivity, data analytics, and feature-rich user experiences for our customers as well as the end consumer. Offered as a managed cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Ayla’s flexibility and modularity enables rapid changes to be made to practically any point of the platform at any time. Ayla is an expert in building enterprise-class cloud based software for the Internet of Things, enabling some of the largest companies in the world to turn everyday home controls and appliances, commercial, and industrial devices into intelligent systems that are managed by the cloud and accessible anywhere by great mobile and web applications.

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Ayla celebrates diversity and embraces equality.

We strive to foster belonging and empowerment to fuel our innovative corporate spirit.

We nurture a culture where employees are comfortable being their authentic selves at work

Black Lives Matter

We live in turbulent times, and the recent death of George Floyd and subsequent social unrest across the country has been a wakeup call to our collective conscience. Ayla Networks as a company stands by the Black Lives Matter movement, and the related values of racial equality, inclusivity, and social justice. We believe we can do more good as individuals, as a company, and as a society, and Ayla commits to doing our part as a technology company to support this important cause for the long term. Please contact us to learn more about our diversity and inclusion initiatives.