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Smart Outdoor Solutions

Enabling Retailers and Device Manufacturers to Launch Smart Outdoor Products Quickly.
The Ayla IoT Platform provides retailers and manufacturers an end-to-end smart home platform

Including a 5-star App, a fully managed cloud, and end-device hardware and software.

Get to market faster than your competition

With off-the-shelf features and easily customized to support your unique, differentiated product requirements.

Seamlessly augment & scale your current IoT solution

Proving higher reliability, eliminating market growth limitations.


Smart Connected
Landscape Lighting

By monitoring the health of lighting systems, you can proactively address maintenance needs, improving product longevity and customer satisfaction.

Remote Control: Customers can control settings including brightness, colors, and schedules.

Automated Scheduling: Set schedules for lights to turn on or off at specific times to enhance security.

Energy Management: Enables efficient energy usage by providing energy consumption in real-time.

Integration with Smart Home Systems: Integrate into broader smart home systems, allowing for centralized control.

Connected Solution with Confidence

Solution is fully tested and production-ready, used by millions of devices today.

Integrates with popular communication device chips and modules.

Supports home and voice platforms such as Alexa, Sira, and Google Play.

Proven 5-star solution with thousands of customer reviews.

Launch Your Connected Solution with Confidence

Mitigate your development risks and costs by providing a complete connected solution, including an App, cloud infrastructure, and device hardware and firmware. Ayla’s IoT Platform has been battle-tested and proven reliable, supporting millions of connected devices used by many of today’s major brands.
Replace Your Existing IoT Solution

Replace or Augment Your Existing IoT Solution

If you already have a legacy IoT solution in place, Ayla’s IoT Platform can lead it to the next level. Scale your solution quickly and economically to meet your growing market and expanding geography needs. Improve your customer experience with powerful dashboards and cloud-based tools to enhance your customer support and simplify device management.

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Contact Us

Learn how you can quickly launch competitively unique smart connected products using a proven cloud platform

Download the Solution Brief

With Ayla's IoT Platform, OEMs, retailers, and device manufacturers can quickly launch competitively unique smart connected products using a proven cloud platform resulting in a low cost and easily expandable 5-star solution.


Smart Connected

By collecting data on how customers use the grills, you can gain insights into popular features, common issues, or areas needing improvement, guiding future product development.

Remote Monitoring and Control: Customers can monitor and control the grill temperature and cooking time.

Precision Cooking: Access to recipes, allowing the grill to automatically adjust its settings to match the selected recipe.

Real-Time Alerts: Users receive alerts such as when the grill reaches a certain temperature or if the grill is left on by accident.

Troubleshooting: Alert users about maintenance needs (cleaning or part replacements) and view troubleshooting help.


Smart Connected

Customers benefit with remote control and management of the irrigation systems.  This includes adjusting watering schedules, changing moisture settings, and turning the system on or off.

Water Conservation: Significantly reduces water waste, addressing environmental concerns and helping users save on water bills.

Customized Watering Plans:
Tailored watering plans for different vegetation, ensuring optimal growth and health.

Ease of Use: Simplifies the management of irrigation, making it more accessible.

Enhanced Plant Health: 
Contributes to healthier plant growth and landscape maintenance.

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