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IoT Platform

Ayla IoT Platform

The Ayla IoT Platform provides OEMs, retailers, and device developers an end-to-end smart home IoT platform, including a 5-star App, a managed cloud service, and end-device hardware and software. The solution can be launched quickly with off-the-shelf features and easily customized to support your unique, differentiated product requirements.
Five Star Application
The app supports advanced smart home features with a proven track record and thousands of 5-star reviews. Optionally, you may integrate this 5-star experience into your own proprietary app. Out-of-the-box advanced features include:

5-Star App


Clean user experience with Bluetooth & Wi-Fi setup

Assign multiple users and enable family sharing

Create advanced scenes, schedules, and timers

Group devices and integrate with voice command systems

Build or Buy Devices
Ayla Smart Device Firmware
Whether building or buying, smart connectivity couldn't be easier. Select from hundreds of available off-the-shelf white-label devices. Or, augment your existing proprietary device with advanced connectivity features. Your smart devices will support:
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or both
  • Integrated IoT firmware with OTA updates
  • Little or no software development required

Build or Buy Devices


Security By Design

Security By Design

Mitigate your security risks and ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your smart home solution and customer data. Ayla's IoT Platform is built with security from the ground up. As security threats evolve over time, be confident that your smart home solution can be upgraded.
  • HTTPS with TLS security
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Data encrypted at rest & in motion
  • Scheduled OTA security updates
  • Experience securing over 20M+ devices
  • Continuous white-hat penetration testing

Contact Us

Contact Us

Learn how you can quickly launch competitively unique smart connected products using a proven cloud platform

With Ayla's IoT Platform, OEMs, retailers, and device manufacturers can quickly launch competitively unique smart connected products using a proven cloud platform resulting in a low cost and easily expandable 5-star solution.

Getting Started

Download the Solution Brief

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