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Smart home connections

Smart Home Solutions

Enabling Retailers and Device Manufacturers to Launch Smart Connected Products Quickly.
The Ayla IoT Platform provides retailers and manufacturers an end-to-end smart home platform

Including a 5-star App, a fully managed cloud, and end-device hardware and software.

Get to market faster than your competition

With off-the-shelf features and easily customized to support your unique, differentiated product requirements.

Seamlessly augment & scale your current IoT solution

Proving higher reliability, eliminating market growth limitations.

Unique Connected Products

Quickly Build Unique Connected Products

Imagine providing your customers with connected solutions that highlight the advantages of your unique devices or products. Your product roadmap is evolving, so you want a future-proof solution that does not lock you into a limited set of features.

Quick start with an off-the-shelf 5-star solution including App, cloud infrastructure, and device hardware and software.

Easily supports your proprietary devices with simple template development.

Simple APIs integrate easily into your existing App and back-end support services.

Supports over-the-air product updates.

Connected Solution with Confidence

Solution is fully tested and production-ready, used by millions of devices today.

Integrates with popular communication device chips and modules.

Supports home and voice platforms such as Alexa, Sira, and Google Play.

Proven 5-star solution with thousands of customer reviews.

Launch Your Connected Solution with Confidence

Mitigate your development risks and costs by providing a complete connected solution, including an App, cloud infrastructure, and device hardware and firmware. Ayla’s IoT Platform has been battle-tested and proven reliable, supporting millions of connected devices used by many of today’s major brands.
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Replace or Augment Your Existing IoT Solution

If you already have a legacy IoT solution in place, Ayla’s IoT Platform can lead it to the next level. Scale your solution quickly and economically to meet your growing market and expanding geography needs. Improve your customer experience with powerful dashboards and cloud-based tools to enhance your customer support and simplify device management.

Customer Spotlight

Getting Started

Contact Us

Contact Us

Learn how you can quickly launch competitively unique smart connected products using a proven cloud platform

Download the Solution Brief

With Ayla's IoT Platform, OEMs, retailers, and device manufacturers can quickly launch competitively unique smart connected products using a proven cloud platform resulting in a low cost and easily expandable 5-star solution.

Smart Home Verticals



Manufacturers all kinds of domestic appliances – whether for the kitchen, home or garden – aim to create product differentiation while delivering superior customer experiences

Ayla IoT is working with a variety of appliance OEMs in diverse areas such as food preparation, refrigeration, laundry systems, house cleaning, lawn maintenance, outdoor grills & cookers, scent dispensers and pest management among others.

By developing cloud-connected products and harnessing the device data, appliance OEMs aim to drive growth, realize higher efficiency and also unlock new business models and revenue streams.



The global heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) industry is a multi-billion-dollar market, yet characterized by declining growth, low margins and slow innovation.

In addition, the scarcity of specialized technical labor especially in north America is driving the need for technology-led change among consumer and commercial manufacturers.

Sensor technologies and connected versions of water heaters, boilers, thermostats, coolers and ventilation systems are driving transformative change through newer business models, higher product quality and overall enhanced end customer experience.

Water Management

Water Management

The global water industry is a multi-billion-dollar market faced with many challenges — from the growing population and aging infrastructure to water scarcity driven by climate change and inefficient water management systems

Efficient to reduce operational costs improve sustainability, & enhance the overall customer experience.

This sector — which includes metering, filtration, softening, heating, dispensing, irrigation, leak detection, among others — is ripe for technology-driven transformation and demands smart water management systems that are more resilient

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