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ISP AI Solutions Background

Service Provider AI Solutions

Enabling Smarter Broadband Operations for Global Service Providers
Customers' perception of their service provider is often unsatisfactory

Some service providers have recognized the power of machine learning to predict network and equipment service issues but have found the development of this time-consuming and resource-intensive.

Get up and running in as few as three weeks.

With a pre-built solution that discovers, predicts, and mitigates network and equipment issues with remediation through root-cause analysis, our customers have seen dramatic service cost reductions in the range of 15-25%.

Leverage the outcomes & findings of a global network of Service Providers

Ayla’s solution continuously improves to identify anomalies quickly as new equipment is added and new patterns emerge addressing issues related to the core network, home network, CPE, & Wi-Fi.


Empower Your Customers

Take self-service to the next level by providing predictive messaging directly to your customers to solve issues before they occur. Enable customers to solve problems faster, in their own timeframe.
All of which reduces truck rolls by encouraging customers to perform self-remediation solutions that would otherwise require a local technician.

Advanced ML predicts the best set of actions to take for each device and user.

Enable AI-driven self-service interactions into mobile, device, and voice applications via simple SDKs or Restful APIs.

Supports leading consumer ecosystems including Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, iOS, Android, and the Matter standard.


Predict & Prevent Issues

Imagine solving network and equipment issues before customers are impacted. No phone call. No truck roll. Customers are happy, and you will experience higher NPS scores and much lower customer churn.

Library of pre-built ML models to predict issues for top call drivers across WiFi, Home Networking, and CPE Performance.

A unified recommendation engine prioritizes the best actions, individualized for each home.

Anomaly detection quickly finds, analyzes, and fixes previously undetected CPE firmware and home network issues.

Savings calculator shows proven value by looking at actual call center data to determine impacts of proactive actions.

Getting Started

Ayla's AI Platform

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Learn about Ayla's AI Platform to predict and prevent Service Provider network and equipment issues that impact customers.

Solution Overview

With Ayla's AI Platform, global Service Providers can reduce customer support costs in as few as three weeks with a pre-built solution that predicts and prevents service issues related to the core network, home network, CPE, and WiFi before they happen, which results in a great customer experience.

Realize Benefits Quickly & Economically

See positive results in as few as three weeks, with a robust set of out-of-the-box analytic models using your existing data collection tools. Leverage the outcomes and findings of a global network of Service Providers and the findings of millions of CPE and home network devices, expanding beyond your local network. Identify anomalies quickly as new devices are added and new patterns emerge.
Library of pre-built ML models trained across millions of existing devices
Easy and secure processing, cleaning, and feature engineering of existing data sources including CPE, STB, WiFi, and Core Network data
New ML models and anomaly detection modules continuously introduced and enhanced
Fully cloud-based solution enables quick time to launch. No need to install software on CPE devices.
Cohort analysis and anomaly detection enables quick resolution of issues caused by new CPE, device, and firmware launches
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