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Support Policies & Terms

Support Services Policies & Terms

Last Updated on May 10, 2020

These support policies and terms describe the support services ordered by the Customer. Any terms used herein and not defined shall have the same meaning ascribed in the Master Subscription Agreement (“Agreement”) or Order. Ayla’s provision of support services is subject to the Customer’s compliance with the Agreement, Order, and the terms contained herein. These support policies are subject to change at Ayla’s discretion; however, policy changes will not result in a material reduction in the level of support services provided during the support services term for which fees have been paid.

Defined Terms

“Authorized Users” means individuals designated by the Customer who are trained and authorized by Ayla to access the Products and support Services pursuant to the Agreement.

“Account Manager” is the individual designated by Ayla to serve as the Customer’s main point of contact and is responsible for various requests, including sales, service, feature requests, and escalation matters.

“Training” means the training courses made available by Ayla, as may be updated from time to time. These courses may be accessed through

1. Support Fees. support services fees are due and payable annually in advance of a support service term, unless stated otherwise in the Order. Failure to pay support services fees will result in a termination of support services.

Pricing for support services is based on the support package selected by Customer.

2. Support Services Term. Unless otherwise specified in the Order, support services are ordered for the subscription term, beginning on the first day of the term specified in the Order. Any order for support services is non-cancelable and the sums paid are nonrefundable. Ayla is not obligated to provide support services beyond the end of the support services term, or if the Customer has not paid for such support services.

3. Changes to Support Services. If Ayla makes material changes to its support plans, Ayla will provide Customer notice of such changes at least thirty (30) days in advance and all such changes will be effective for the following support services term.

4. Unsupported Products. Customers with unsupported Products are not entitled to download, receive or apply any updates, maintenance releases, patches, telephone or email assistance, or any other support services.

5. Testing. The customer shall provide devices for testing with the capability to retrieve device and mobile debugging logs. Ayla will be unable to provide support without devices and sufficient debug logging.

6. Customer’s Support Obligations. With respect to its devices, Customer will provide first-line support to users, resellers, distributors, and any other party to whom Customer is obliged to provide support.

Customer shall be responsible for: (a) providing general information regarding devices, including materials on configuration, use, and operation of devices; (b) providing configuration support; (c) collecting information and reporting to Ayla technical issues that cannot be resolved by Customer; (d) filtering dummy problems from technical problems; (e) troubleshooting common technical problems or questions; (f) documenting and verifying technical issues to determine if the issue is caused by sources outside of the Products; (g) opening and closing support tickets; and (h) providing updates to Customer applications and drivers, all in a professional and workmanlike manner. After reasonable efforts by the Customer’s trained internal technicians have failed to resolve the issue, the Customer may escalate to Ayla. The customer will create a case in the support portal at and provide:

  • Issue subject

  • Estimated severity

  • Detailed issue description

  • Attached are media (screenshots, etc.)

  • Mobile and device logs

  • Steps to reproduce

  • Impact of the issue (i.e. business or technical implication) and any other information needed by Ayla.

7. Ayla’s support obligations. Ayla will assist Authorized Users in diagnosing and resolving technical support issues based on the severity level attributed by Ayla. After the Customer notifies Ayla through the support portal, Ayla will confirm receipt. Such confirmation of receipt is considered the response time, as specified in the support levels table. If the Customer provides notice to Ayla outside of normal support hours, notice will be deemed to be received the following business day.

Ayla will provide support in a professional and workmanlike manner. Ayla does not guarantee that every issue or question will be resolved. Ayla will use commercially reasonable efforts to correct or provide any workarounds for any confirmed defects in the platform or software provided by Ayla. Confirmed defects are not caused by or attributable to exclusion and have a material adverse effect on Product performance. If the Customer requests and Ayla provides any services relating to issues that are not confirmed defects, Ayla will charge Customer its standard hourly rates for the time required to research, reproduce, find the cause of or resolve the issue.

8. Exclusions. Ayla does not provide support for the issues below, issues that are not attributable to the Products, or issues that cannot be reproduced by Ayla:

Issues caused by or attributable to the unauthorized use of the Products;

Issues caused by software malfunction (for software that is not licensed by Ayla) or hardware malfunction, including excessive Transactions (more than 20 times the number of average transactions per Customer’s device);

Issues caused by force majeure events;

Modifications or additions, or attempted modifications or additions to the Products not performed by or provided by Ayla;

Failures by consumers or Customer to respond to or implement any required action plans provided by Ayla.

Support services for any software provided to the Customer in source code format shall be limited to the unmodified version of such software provided by Ayla.

Ayla support Levels

Business hours mean 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Pacific Time Zone (UTC-7/8) Monday through Friday, other than U.S. national holidays. Business Hours may be varied by contract.

Extended hours mean 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM, Pacific Time Zone (UTC-7/8) Monday through Friday, other than U.S. national holidays. Extended Hours may be varied by contract.

Training” means the training courses made available by Ayla, as may be updated from time to time. These courses may be accessed through

OTA Assistance means assistance with the testing, initiation, and troubleshooting of Customer-provided updates to the firmware for activated devices (OTAs).

Severity 1 means actual outages of the production platform which last longer than ten (10) minutes and which prevent all consumers from operating devices that are connected to the production platform.

Severity 2 means the production platform is functioning at a severely reduced capacity.

Severity 3 means a medium-to-low impact problem in the production platform which involves a partial loss of functionality or loss of non-critical functionality, which does not materially impact the Customer’s use of the production platform. Severity 3 includes Documentation errors.

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