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Ayla Launches New Predictive AI Solution, Enabling ISPs to Deliver Smarter Broadband Services

Enhances Customer Experience & Reduces Operating Costs Tied to Excess Service Calls, Truck Rolls, & Device Swap

Ayla Networks, a leader in Internet of Things (IoT) platforms that accelerate digital transformation for consumer brands and Internet service providers (ISPs), today announced Ayla TransformAI, a breakthrough predictive machine-learning based solution for ISPs. The cloud-native offering leverages machine learning to identify, predict and prevent service issues in subscriber-home and provider core networks.

The Ayla TransformAI product replaces traditional service-provider tools, which typically are unable to harness the value of data collected from ISP networks to address issues such as high customer churn and skyrocketing support costs. Ayla’s approach collects customer-premises equipment data, network element data, and call center data to identify and remediate performance issues that can disrupt the customer experience.

“Ayla TransformAI for ISPs is a game-changer because it predicts—and ultimately prevents—well-known residential problems, such as slow internet browsing and Wi-Fi degradation, that impact customer internet performance,” said Jonathan Cobb, CEO of Ayla Networks. “The present-day home network has become significantly more complex, and legacy tools are not sophisticated enough to cost-effectively deliver a great customer experience and service assurance at scale. Already, a number of leading communication service providers across the world recognize the value of our solution and are partnering with us.”

Using Data to Make Broadband Smarter

The Ayla TransformAI product is deployed across millions of subscribers and tens of millions of network-connected devices. By adopting the Ayla solution, ISPs experience fewer customer calls and service visits (or ‘truck rolls’), significantly lower device swap-outs and, when issues do occur, they are able to more quickly identify and resolve them.

The Ayla TransformAI product uses Ayla’s deep domain expertise to turn the vast amounts of data being gathered from gateways, routers, and other customer premises equipment (CPE) into actionable information. It also uses machine-learning data models to detect network and performance anomalies like slow browse, router resets, sync-no-surf, and Wi-Fi authentication errors. In addition, it predicts occurrences and root causes of anomalies and prescribes specific remediations.

“Our models ultimately draw inferences with more than 85 percent accuracy, allowing an ISP's customer-experience team to act early to avoid scenarios involving irate customers and needless truck rolls and device swaps,” said Sahir Sait, Ayla's senior vice president of products and services. “Additionally, the solution uniquely allows an ISP to quickly trace problems down to manufacturer and firmware versions.”

With the increasing complexity of home broadband networks, Ayla expects to more than double the number of turnkey machine learning models in 2022 and beyond, to cover a wide range of performance issues impacting customer operations. This will have a transformational impact on ISP customer operations and become the modern foundation for smarter broadband services.

Direct, High-Value Benefits to Communication Service Providers

Ayla is offering its TransformAI solution as a way for any ISP to benefit from:

  • Rapid time-to-value—An average of less than three months is all the time it takes to build the data-management pipeline, analyze the data, and generate insights.

  • Agnostic, future-proof operation—The predictive AI solution works across any broadband device and network type, including any new devices a customer may later add.

  • High business impact —TransformAI leverages analytics to increase an ISP’s revenue per user (ARPU), enhance customer experience (CX), and expand margins.

According to Sait, one ISP that has been using Ayla’s TransformAI solution for one year already has saved $25 million in operating expenses. “The ISP’s savings is projected to increase to more than $100 million over the next couple of years as the company continues to operationalize the predictive output and to add additional data enrichment sources to its core networks,” he said.

Ayla’s TransformAI product is targeted especially to service provider organizations with at least 200,000 subscribers. ISPs may contact or visit for more details.

About Ayla Networks

Ayla Networks, a leading provider of edge connectivity, device management, data applications, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the Internet of Things (IoT), enables the world’s leading manufacturers and service providers to connect any device, on any cloud, to any application to accelerate digital transformation. By leveraging the Ayla IoT platform, customers can quickly productize future-proofed, connected products, while making device data usable for ongoing analytic insights and support for advanced business applications. For more information, visit


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