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Ayla Networks & Digica Combine IoT & AI to Boost Service Providers’ Quality of Service

Advanced Predictive Maintenance Solution Significantly Reduces Service Providers Customer Support Costs and Boosts Margins

Ayla Networks, a leading provider of Internet of Things (IoT) platform and solutions for consumer brands and service providers, announced that in an effort to greatly enhance communications service providers’ (CSPs’) customer experience —by accurately predicting and preventing subscribers’ home equipment failures and saving millions of dollars in annual customer service and support costs, it is working with Digica, a company of AI and software experts working at the forefront of the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution.

For Tier 1 carriers especially, the costs of customer service and support are growing precipitously and adversely impacting the customer experience—especially because many customers call their communications providers about any service-related issue, even if it’s with a peripheral device not serviced by the carrier.

“The surge of people working and learning from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the influx of smart devices that people have deployed on their home networks, has greatly complicated CSPs’ operations,” said Prashanth Shetty, vice president of marketing for Ayla Networks. “By augmenting Ayla’s AI platform engineering team with Digica’s experienced data science implementation services, we’re able to scale up our teams to quickly train and deploy Ayla’s pre-built predictive maintenance models for CSPs, helping them to address their service and support problems.”

“Digica’s team of AI and software experts help companies across the globe to address real problems using advanced AI and machine learning services expertise,” said Rafal Janczyk, CEO of Digica. “We are excited about working with Ayla to extend their data science teams because they are well-positioned to enable telecommunications carriers to reduce operational costs and improve the connected experience for millions of subscribers with Ayla’s robust AI platform.”

Applying AI and IoT Expertise to Enable Predictive Maintenance

Based on Ayla Networks’ IoT and AI platform technologies—and leveraging Ayla’s extensive vertical-market expertise and understanding of CSP networks and device behavior at scale—Digica’s technical services have supported Ayla with the rollout of multiple machine learning models designed to identify unusual and suspicious data patterns in carriers’ networks that lead to device crashes or unintended downtime. These tailored machine learning models, optimized for individual carriers, can then be expanded and scaled to work with other CSPs’ operations.

The solution provides an early warning to the carrier by predicting a device failure in advance and identifying its probable cause, enabling the service provider to take steps to rectify the problem before the system crashes. Ayla and Digica estimate that their solution will reduce the number of user-initiated device restarts by up to 30% across a Tier 1 carrier’s entire network—greatly reducing the cost of customer care and enabling the carrier’s subscribers to enjoy uninterrupted service access.

About Digica

Digica, an international software solutions company working at the forefront of the artificial intelligence revolution, builds AI-driven cloud, IoT, and embedded systems solutions for a range of industries. Digica works with major companies and innovative startups across many industries including automotive, defense, medical, technology, and telecommunications. For more information, visit

About Ayla Networks

Ayla Networks, a leading provider of edge connectivity, device management, and application enablement for the Internet of Things (IoT), enables the world’s largest companies to connect any device, on any cloud, to any application. By leveraging the Ayla Agile IoT platform, customers are able to quickly productize future-proofed, connected products, while making device data usable for ongoing analytic insights and support for advanced business applications. For more information, visit


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