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Ayla Networks Supports Canadian Tire's Development of Connected Home Products

Ayla's IoT Platform Powers NOMA iQ™ Suite of Smart Products to Promote a Richer Customer Experience

Ayla Networks, a leader in Internet of Things (IoT) platforms that accelerate digital transformation for consumer brands and Internet service providers (ISPs), today announced that its turnkey IoT firmware was chosen to power a new, globally available line of smart home products from Canadian Tire, part of the Canadian Tire Corporation group of companies, with over 500 stores across Canada.

Canadian Tire’s new app and connected-home products line, called NOMA iQ™, includes smart lighting, smart plugs, and smart air purifiers that consumers seamlessly connect through an all-in-one app. Products in the NOMA iQ™ line are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so consumers can choose to control them by mobile phone or voice, and schedule convenient times when products are to be turned on or turned off.

“NOMA iQ™ is an important development in our NOMA line of Owned Brand products and we adopted the secure and turnkey Ayla platform to get these smart home products to our customers more quickly,” said Bobby Singh-Randhawa, Vice President of Brand Management - Owned Brands, Canadian Tire. “We expect these products will deliver an exciting customer experience and usher in a new phase of intelligent, connected homes.”

From Concept to Store Shelves, Fast

Designing and manufacturing smart, connected products typically takes considerable time, expertise, and resources. But Canadian Tire’s NOMA iQ™ product line was developed in less than one year, thanks in part to the Ayla FastTrack program.

Ayla’s FastTrack – a collection of pre-packaged modules with firmware and embedded agents, ready-to-brand white-label devices, and a mobile app – allows retailers to quickly build or expand a smart-home line of products.

“By using the Ayla IoT platform, Canadian Tire now is selling easy-to-use and secure smart products under their highly trusted retail brand name,” said Jonathan Cobb, Ayla Networks’ CEO. “We’re proud to partner with one of Canada’s largest and most reputed retailers as part of their digital transformation initiative to drive customer loyalty and a richer consumer experience”.

FastTrack Automates Home 'Experiences'

FastTrack software allows users of NOMA iQ™ to create an automated set of custom “experiences” from product links and schedules.

“Every day at 6 p.m., consumers can have NOMA iQ™ turn on their outdoor lights for an evening scene,” explains Cobb. “Or perhaps they’d like to program a ‘good night’ experience by having NOMA iQ™ turn off their kitchen lights each weekday at 10 p.m. This capability is a compelling differentiator for retailers and delivers on the promise of an ecosystem of connected home products.”

Why Ayla for Smart Product Development?

In addition to accelerating product development and delivery, Ayla IoT technology can help retailers:

  • Encourage consumer-product adoption by offering smart, simple-to-use interoperable products that are part of wider solutions.

  • Build consumer loyalty by increasing customer satisfaction for products purchase, leading to repeat buyers.

  • Boost brand recognition by allowing retailers to boost smart-home brand awareness without having to create their own devices from scratch. Establishing an emotional connection to a trusted brand can lead customers to buy even more products, both smart and not-so-smart, from the retailer.

  • Market a full, end-to-end solution, from manufacturing to customer support. Retailers can easily take advantage of smart home trends while using their brands to compete in a market that is already huge and growing fast.

About Canadian Tire Corporation

Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited, (TSX: CTC.A) (TSX: CTC) or "CTC", is a group of companies that includes a Retail segment, a Financial Services division, and CT REIT. Our retail business is led by Canadian Tire, which was founded in 1922 and provides Canadians with products for life in Canada across its Living, Playing, Fixing, Automotive, and Seasonal & Gardening divisions. Party City, PartSource, and Gas+ are included in the Canadian Tire network. The Retail segment also includes Mark's, a leading source for casual and industrial wear; Pro Hockey Life, a hockey specialty store catering to elite players; and SportChek, Hockey Experts, Sports Experts, Intersport, and Atmosphere, which offer the best activewear brands. The more than 1,730 retail and gasoline outlets are supported and strengthened by CTC's Financial Services division and the tens of thousands of people employed across Canada and around the world by CTC and its local dealers, franchisees, and petroleum retailers. In addition, CTC owns and operates Helly Hansen, a leading technical outdoor brand based in Oslo, Norway. For more information, visit

About Ayla Networks

Ayla Networks enables consumer brand manufacturers (OEMs) and internet service providers to realize better business outcomes through IoT solutions. Ayla’s software platform includes device, cloud, application, analytics & machine learning capabilities to drive the development and launch of differentiated connected products & services. By leveraging the Ayla IoT platform, customers can realize future-proofed, secure, connected products in the shortest time with the least risk. More than 150 leading brands across the world run Ayla for their IoT initiatives. For more information, visit


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