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Experience Emerging Smart Lighting Trends

Experience innovative Smart Home solutions at the Light+Building event in Frankfurt, Germany, March 3-8, 2024. Ayla Networks has revolutionized the smart home industry by offering unparalleled integration and security for smart lighting. Device manufacturers and retailers can now provide a seamless smart home ecosystem compatible with major platforms like AWS, Google, and Apple. Ayla has merged lighting and other smart devices with the overall home experience, ensuring that your products meet current market demands and pave the way for future AI-driven applications.

Ayla’s platform supports the latest security and connectivity standards, including Matter, enabling differentiated solutions that stand out in a crowded market. You can be confident that user data is secure and international privacy guidelines are met. Ayla is trusted by leading global brands, connecting millions of devices since 2010.

Meet with us at Light+Building to explore how the Ayla Networks Platform can transform your lighting products and enhance customer satisfaction. Let us help you build the next generation of smart home products. See you in Frankfurt!

Experience emerging Smart Lighting trends and Connected Security technology at Light+Building in Frankfurt, Germany, March 3-8, 2024


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