Ayla IoT Platform

Ayla Networks, from its inception, was founded for one sole purpose, to enable the Internet of Things. Dedicated to solving the idiosyncrasies of developing and managing connected devices, Ayla provides a number of products that enable customers to quickly connect any device, to the cloud and applications, and make meaningful decisions from their data. Ayla’s Agile IoT Platform, Agile Mobile Application Platform, and Ayla Insights, provides device manufacturers with the connectivity, security, and feedback loop needed to create better products and more engaging user experiences.

video btn products Ayla IoT Platform Overview

Customer Benefits

Future Proof Your Global IoT Strategy

  • In a market that is constantly changing, flexibility and configurability are key and a must have for the success of any IoT product. As new standards and trends arise, device manufacturers need the ability to connect any device, capture any type of data, and connect these devices to any cloud based service. There are still a lot of unanswered questions, with undoubtedly more to come as IoT gains traction, which manufacturers need to solve and it is imperative that they be able to configure and modify their products in order to evolve with the ever-changing market. With Ayla, they have that flexibility.

Rapidly Deploy Connected Products

  • Don’t recreate the wheel
    There is a broad array of capabilities and expertise required to build a truly scalable, secure, IoT platform and developing it all in-house, as a manufacturer, is no longer the best path. There are a lot of “must haves” in the Internet of Things, many of which can delay your time to market and increase your risk, that aren’t adding any differentiation to your product. IoT platforms, like Ayla, were built from the ground up to incorporate the necessary features and functionality required of any successful IoT product. By eliminating the need for custom development, manufacturers can focus on what they do best, building great products and adding value where it matters.

Gain Insights into Products and Customer Usage

  • Feedback Loop -- Its all about the data
    Connecting devices to the Internet, and to applications, is a means to an end. The future and real value of the IoT is in the data and what companies are able to do once their products are connected. Device manufacturers are experts in their respective markets, and as Ayla transforms how they operate by unlocking this data, will identify new ways to grow and improve their businesses’. The successful companies and ultimate winners in IoT will be those who become data-centric and can collect, analyze, and innovate on the data.

Easily provide end users with a great mobile application that is optimized for controlling the devices around them, without the complexity of developing primary features that consumers expect from any high performing, reliable, and secure IoT app.

Phone-as-a-Gateway, having been built directly into Ayla’s mobile SDK and Agile Mobile Application Platform (AMAP) provides an easy, seamless way for users to leverage their smartphones or other mobile devices to extract IoT data generated by Bluetooth devices and transmit it directly to the cloud.

A fully integrated business intelligence and analytics platform that unlocks real-world insights into customer and product usage, offering a way to visualize, analyze, and explore your data.

The industry’s first Agile IoT Platform architected for enterprise-scale to enable any device to connect to the cloud and applications.