IoT Platform

Built for enterprise-scale, Ayla’s Agile IoT Platform was architected from the ground up to deliver a truly end-to-end software foundation that would enable any device manufacturer to develop not only intelligent products, but also elegant and reliable IoT services for their end users.

Comprised of three primary components; (1) Ayla Embedded Agents, (2) Ayla Cloud Services, and (3) Ayla Application Libraries, Ayla’s Agile IoT Platform provides a complete solution to connect nearly any device to the cloud and applications while offering all of the tools and premium services needed for a manufacturer to manage, provision, and analyze their Internet of Things deployment. Ayla removes the need for manufacturers to invest in networking stack development, end-to-end security, cloud infrastructure, and the other undifferentiating IoT “must haves” when bringing connected products to market, allowing them to focus their resources on their areas of expertise, where it matters.

iot-platform Ayla IoT Platform Extended Overview

Product Benefits

Be More Agile

Ayla’s end-to-end architecture is the most flexible IoT cloud platform available. Don’t get locked into fixed device templates, set data schema, proprietary mechanisms, and closed systems. Be nimble and adapt to customer’s needs and wants faster. Adapt quickly to market changes with full flexibility of the cloud and over-the-air upgradeability. Use Ayla to out innovate your competition.

Project Simplification, Reduce Risk

Reduce the number of project unknowns by relying on proven Ayla software services and removing the need to implement complicated networking and security, the re-architecting of host processor code, the development of back office systems, and or learning of special programming or scripting languages. Scale faster as customer demand increases without needing to hire and retain specialized experts.

Fastest Time to Market

Cut development time in half; develop your connected device and mobile application in parallel. By leveraging the power of Ayla’s virtual devices in the cloud, you can reduce problems during development and save millions of dollars across your products lifecycle, compared to trying to do it all in-house. Ayla removes the need for manufacturers to undergo unnecessary development and focus on adding value by innovating where it matters.

Enterprise Scale, Day One

Ayla’s Agile IoT Platform is full-featured in security, flexibility, operational support, data analytics, and all of the other capabilities and tools needed for enterprises to scale their products as sales soar and their deployments grow. Don’t get painted into a corner by not planning for enterprise-scale. Start from day one.

Platform Components

Ayla Platform Architecture Diagram

Ayla Networks is the number one platform for leading manufacturers, accelerating the development, support, and ongoing enhancements of connected products for the Internet of Things. Ayla’s end-to-end software runs across devices, the cloud, and applications to provide secure connectivity, data analytics, and feature-rich user experiences for our customers as well as the end consumer. Click on the orange icons to learn more.

Key Features

  • Secure Connectivity

      • Drop-in Networking Connectivity (e.g. Wi-Fi) modules from leading hardware vendors come pre-burned with the Ayla Embedded Agent.
      • 1-Step Registration Device connects out-of-the-box to cloud and app with just one button click on the app.
      • LANConnect™ Secure peer-to-peer connection between mobile apps and IoT devices when on the same WLAN.
      • TLS 1.2 Encryption Protects user privacy as customer data and key information is never exposed, end-to-end.
      • Root Key Protection Device keys, burned into connectivity modules at factory, are never exposed.
      • Multi-Layer Authentication Cloud enforces authentication of device, app, and user to ensure integrity and protect against piracy
  • Application Empowerment

      • Rules Engine Cloud based intelligence enables triggers based on nearly any action or condition.
      • Activity Scheduling Auto-set device activities based on user defined on/off schedules.
      • Event Notification Enable users to be notified of an event via email, SMS text message, and or push notification.
      • Role Based Access Control Enable users to grant usage privileges to family members, guests, support techs, etc.
      • MFi Compatibility Certify faster to Apple’s MFi licensing program and promote your product as Made for iPhone/iPad/AirPlay.
      • OAuth authentication allows users to sign in to access their devices using their Google, Facebook, or WeChat accounts.
  • Data Intelligence

      • Device Virtualization Virtual device definitions maintained in the cloud, separate from data schema to easily support device changes.
      • Data Visualization Use Ayla’s built-in reporting and visualization tools to see and use your collected data with self-service business intelligence.
      • IoT Analytics Identify usage actions and trends to guide product enhancements, diagnose issues, and find new opportunities.
      • Portable User Settings Preferences and settings maintained in the cloud, enables seamless experience across all user’s devices.
      • Cloud-to-Cloud APIs Import/export data with practically any 3rd party to expand functionality and application integration.
  • Operational Scale

      • Device Location Geo-locate devices on a map with custom views such as recently used devices, etc.
      • Audit Logging All platform activities are logged for security auditing and compliance.
      • Elastic Cloud Computing Ayla can dynamically scale to your business, data flow, and analytical load, no matter how fast your sales grow.
      • Global Cloud Footprint Cloud operations across Asia, Americas, and Europe to accommodate your global business.
      • OTA Manager Push upgrades systematically to devices in the field to patch or add features.
      • User Policy Manager Define multiple user types – customer, dealer, installer, manufacturer – with full policy control and visibility.
      • Device Management Search, view, and manage all of your devices; search by types, times, attributes, etc.
      • Drill Down Diagnostics Per device diagnostics and visibility to resolve problems faster and improve customer support.
      • Open Platform Architecture Published APIs, multiple integration options, and support for latest standards increase flexibility and future-proofing.