See What People are Saying About Ayla

Hampton Products
Customer | June 20, 2016

“We make door locks, which means our business depends on rock-solid security at every step of the process,” said Jim Hartung, executive vice president and chief marketing officer of Hampton. “For our cloud-connected wireless deadbolt, we trusted Ayla’s proven, robust IoT platform to provide the non-negotiable security and reliability we needed. Ayla not only delivered on our expectations, their IoT technology also made our path to connectivity simpler than we could have imagined.”

Investor | June 17, 2016

“Ayla has demonstrated significant growth as a leading IoT platform provider, with particular capability to expand into global markets, and we are excited to work with Ayla as it continues this expansion into Japan.”

Hunter Fan
Customer | June 17, 2016

“Having recently won an Editors' Choice award at CES 2016 for our industry-first Wi-Fi- and Apple HomeKit-enabled ceiling fans, we have greatly enjoyed working with Ayla. Ayla IoT technology enabled us to develop our award-winning Symphony and Signal fans with mobile app control quickly, affordably, and with the security and features we wanted.”

Investor | June 16, 2016

“As a leading manufacturer serving China and major export markets, 3nod is focused on embracing future innovation including the Internet of Things, Ayla's platform is a perfect fit for our strategic direction, and we invested in Ayla because we believe it will be the leading global IoT platform.”

Voyager Capital
Investor | June 15, 2016

“Voyager focuses on early venture rounds, and as one of the first investors in Ayla we saw an exciting opportunity to get in on the ground floor with a very strong technology and team in the IoT space. We continue to invest when companies hit their milestones, which Ayla clearly has, so we were delighted to participate in the C round of funding. We expect Ayla to continue to perform above expectations and be a significant player when the dust settles in the IoT market.”

Tom Kerber
Analyst | June 15, 2016

“We are at the threshold of a technology explosion that will see, in a few short years, each of us hosting several dozen connected devices in our homes and on our bodies, thanks to the IoT. But to get there, manufacturers of connected products need to navigate the complexities of the IoT. Both manufacturers and investors recognize the value of a secure, flexible, scalable and cost-effective IoT platform that meets the needs of today’s market — and that can continue to deliver value over the lifetime of a connected product."

IFC Logo
Investor | June 15, 2016

“We originally invested in Ayla because we saw how their IoT platform could be instrumental in helping emerging markets such as China to use less energy and cut polluting emissions, which fits our mandate to invest in companies that have a positive impact in emerging markets,” said Nikunj Jinsi, global head of IFC Venture Capital. “We are reinvesting because Ayla has demonstrated a recipe for success that can enable developing markets, especially China, to harness IoT technology in ways that have a positive impact on people’s lives.” 

Customer | June 14, 2016

“We’ve been working with Ayla since we started developing our RemoteLock connected door lock products, and that decision ended up saving us hundreds of thousands of dollars and many months of development time. What’s more, Ayla’s stringent end-to-end IoT security and performance technologies were important for making sure that our smart door locks deliver impeccable security, monitoring and reliability to property owners and managers.”

Partner | June 13, 2016

“Since its founding, Ayla has worked with Broadcom to ensure tight integration of Ayla's software with WICED and our Wi-Fi chipsets. Ayla’s commitment to understanding their customers' business enables a rapid and elegant path to a connected-product future. We believe this is one reason they’ve achieved their level of success."

Ants Capital
Investor | June 10, 2016

“Our strategy at Ants Capital is to focus on the leading platforms in particular market segments and select winners,” said Yin Min, managing partner of Ants Capital. “The Internet of Things will be the next area where major winners will emerge, and we invested in Ayla because it has unmatched traction inside China and globally with leading manufacturers making IoT products. Ayla’s strategy and IoT platform is a clear fit with the direction of manufacturers worldwide.”

Customer | June 2, 2016

“We are fundamentally changing how infants are monitored, and we don’t have the time or the need to recreate the wheel on IoT connectivity, which Ayla has already nailed. Ayla just took care of that aspect of our product development, so we could focus on our core competencies and get to market quickly to achieve our goal of giving parents peace of mind.”

Crosslink Capital
Investor | June 2, 2016

“Crosslink Capital’s investment strategy is quite broad, with portfolio companies in early, middle and late stages of development,” said Jim McLean, partner of Crosslink Capital. “Ayla represents just the kind of company we want to back: One that shows early promise in an important and growing market and that demonstrates clear signs of growing into a dominant force in its category.” 

Customer | June 1, 2016

“We view our partnership with Ayla as a game changer for our IoT business in China, the United States and worldwide, because Ayla IoT technology lets us get our products connected to the IoT and controllable by mobile apps in one step, we are able to provide our global customers with the features and capabilities they demand, which will help us expand our business.”

Cisco Systems
Investor | June 1, 2016

“The Internet of Things represents a massive, and growing, market opportunity,” said Rob Salvagno, head of Cisco Investments, which has been investing in Ayla from its dedicated $100 million IoT venture fund, and head of corporate development at Cisco. “We first invested in Ayla because of their unique business model in the IoT space. We’re excited to continue our support of Ayla in their Series C round of financing, as they continue to expand into new markets and accelerate the development and adoption of connected products through the cloud.”

Cardinal Peak
Partner | May 27, 2016

“Using Ayla’s design kit, a Wi-Fi module running the Ayla Cloud Connect stacks and their AMAP [Agile Mobile Application Platform] technology, it’s like starting with half an IoT product, including mobile app, already implemented and tested. The manufacturers we work with now know that we can get an IoT device prototype running in just a few days, which means they can focus their resources on the features that will differentiate their products.”

Partner | May 25, 2016

“Our well-established collaboration with Ayla is making a difference with leading manufacturers in a number of markets, helping them to quickly and successfully create connected versions of their products. Using Murata IoT modules and Ayla IoT platform technology, more manufacturers are seeing the fruit of their IoT potential.”

Partner | May 20, 2016

“From the beginning, Ayla has grasped that the real value of the IoT lies not in connected products themselves, but in harnessing the data generated by connected products to allow manufacturers to transform everything about their businesses. Together, Ayla’s IoT platform technology and Mnubo’s IoT analytics software are helping to transform the IoT data promise into a reality.

TIRIAS Research
Analyst | May 20, 2016

“In designing its IoT platform architecture, Ayla embraced the fundamental complexity of the IoT, which isn’t one big, ubiquitous entity but rather many systems of systems, connected by networks. Ayla enables its manufacturer customers to focus on what they do best—creating differentiated solutions—while smoothly navigating IoT complexities. Ayla is well positioned in the IoT Platform-as-a-Service (IoT PaaS) market.”

Blue Rocket
Partner | May 15, 2016

“Partnering with Ayla has allowed us to expand our mobile app development business in the IoT market and create a lot of happy manufacturing customers, Ayla’s Agile Mobile Application Platform (AMAP) technology enables a quick and easy setup of a robust application framework, which allows us to focus on providing a superior connected device user experience.”

Customer | May 11, 2016

“Our company identity is based on innovation, and Ayla IoT platform technology lets us move rapidly from innovative ideas to market-ready products. Having Ayla technology at the heart of our smart heaters with CONNEX wireless control also means that we don’t have to worry about the security, reliability or manageability of our connected products once they’re in customers’ hands.”

Customer | May 10, 2016

“Ayla’s Weixin Proxy Service provides us with a powerful way to deliver a better user experience to our Chinese customers, Hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers practically live on Weixin [known as WeChat in the United States] for hours each day, and the fact that Ayla has a connected home portal on Weixin brings increased brand awareness and exposure to Ozner, instantly.”

Parks Associates.
Analyst | May 4, 2016

“But to get there, manufacturers of connected products need to navigate the complexities of the IoT. Both manufacturers and investors recognize the value of a secure, flexible, scalable and cost-effective IoT platform that meets the needs of today’s market — and that can continue to deliver value over the lifetime of a connected product."

Moor Insights
Analyst | May 2, 2016

“Ayla has some real competitive advantages in the IoT platform space—their China certification, an A-list of appliance manufacturing customers and now a $39 million addition to their financial war chest. When I look at the overall IoT platform market, Ayla is a provider that has to be taken seriously.”

Partner | April 30, 2016

“We appreciate how Ayla’s IoT platform technology coupled with AzureWave's expertise in wireless technologies together provide additional value to customers across the consumer electronics segment—while helping manufacturers using AzureWave modules to participate in our vision for the connected wireless world. We also value Ayla’s strong presence in China, which allows us to better serve our shared customers here.”

Partner | April 27, 2016

“We are pleased to be a strategic wireless solutions partner for Ayla,” said Lihwa Christensen, SVP, sales and services of USI. The comprehensive cloud solutions Ayla provides, coupled with USI’s wireless modules, have been a popular strategy for many USI customers looking to add IoT functionality to their end products. While Ayla Networks offers our customers cloud-based data services, USI ensures unparalleled reliable access to their data.”

Encycle Logo
Partner | April, 27, 2016

“Ayla’s IoT connectivity and Encycle’s Swarm Energy demand management are complementary technologies that together deliver tremendous value to manufacturers in the HVAC market,” said Mark Kerbel, Encycle's chief technology officer and co-founder. “Working in close partnership, Ayla and Encycle enable energy efficiency gains well beyond what either alone could provide.”

Partner | April 26, 2016

“Marvell is seeing tremendous success with the EZ-Connect IoT platform on our wireless microcontroller SoCs, and Ayla is an important partner in enabling that success. Working together with Ayla Networks, we are able to offer a complete end-to-end platform that enables more manufacturers to get to market with IoT-connected products faster and for lower cost."

Investor | April 2, 2016

“Ayla embodies both the qualities that SJF looks for in companies: high growth combined with positive impact. We were initially attracted to Ayla by its platform-as-a-service (PaaS) business model and its IoT focus—which we see having a positive impact in areas such as resource and energy efficiency—and we’re reinvesting based on Ayla’s stellar performance since their founding.”