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ISO Certification

At Ayla Networks, we are committed to providing the highest standards of security and privacy for our clients and partners. We are proud to announce that we currently maintain the prestigious ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27018 certifications, underscoring our dedication to robust information security management and protection of personal data in the cloud.

ISO/IEC 27001

ISO/IEC 27001 is an internationally recognized standard that demands a rigorous and comprehensive approach to managing sensitive company information. This certification signifies that Ayla Networks has implemented a systematic and ongoing approach to managing sensitive company and customer information. The key aspects of our ISO/IEC 27001 certification include:

  • Risk Management: Regularly identifying and systematically managing security risks.

  • Security Framework: Implementing a comprehensive suite of information security controls and other forms of risk management.

  • Continual Improvement: An ongoing commitment to continually review and refine our information security management system (ISMS).

ISO/IEC 27018

ISO/IEC 27018 is a code of practice that focuses on the protection of personal data in the cloud. The key aspects of our ISO/IEC 27018 certification include:

  • Data Protection: Implementation of stringent controls to protect personal data against unauthorized access.

  • Privacy Compliance: Ensuring compliance with privacy laws and regulations.

  • Transparency: Providing clear and transparent policies regarding the handling of personal data.

  • Accountability: Taking responsibility for the security of personal data entrusted to us.

Ayla ISO Certificate

ISO 27001 Certified

ISO 27018 Certified

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