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Why Ayla

Ayla has developed a unique cloud-based platform and Machine Learning models to identify, describe, root-cause, and predict technical support issues & consumer behaviors for ISPs.

Operational Excellence


5 Trillion

Transactions per Month

800 Million

Prediction per Day


Approved & Pending Patents

$100 Million

Annualized Savings
Competitive Advantages Banner.jpg

Ayla has Distinct Competitive Advantages

Domain Expertise

Our customers leverage deep home networking & CPE expertise built over decades

Existing ML Models & Reports

Our existing models have been built across >10M devices and can be quickly leveraged to predict and remediate common issues

Rapid Time to Value

We’re experts at data ingestion & normalization and can show value through prediction and anomaly detection in weeks

Key Differentiated Capabilities

Insights Deliveredwith No Training

Out of the box mobile applications, voice integrations, and firmware drive rapid and high-quality product launches

Existing Models Trained Across Millions of Homes

Ayla's platform is agnostic to device type and connection types so you are always future proofed

Unified Recommendation Engine (URE)

Build applications on top of the platform, stream data out, or build complete custom mobile applications -- it's your choice
ISP Operations Teams.jpg

ISP Operations Teams

Drive calls, truck rolls, and device swaps down

Identify & root cause
CPE and network issues through analysis of predictions & anomalies

Predict common issues 

such as Slow Browse, Wi-Fi Degradation, and CPE slowdown and remediate them before the problem occurs

Identify the impact

of firmware, CPE, and consumer electronic changes to service performance

ISP Product Teams.jpg

ISP Product Teams

Understand and predict customer behavior to reduce churn and increase upsell

Predict customers

who are likely to churn or will be receptive to an upsell and address them with targeted offers

Understand your customers homes

through leveraging out-of-box reports & analytics

Improve the churn prevention & upsell processes

by leveraging our URE to learn which offers work in which situations

Delivering Compelling Benefits

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