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The Landscape of IoT Data Protection: Part II, the Ayla Perspective

Cyber Trust Shield
Cyber Trust

In Part I of our examination into IoT data protection, we touched on the geopolitics of IoT data storage and ownership, using the Cyber Trust Mark as a launching point for the discussion. In this second part, we will focus on some of Ayla Networks’ approaches and offerings in IoT data protection.

The Role of IoT Platform-Level Security

“Ayla Networks has built security into our platform from day one,” says Ayla CEO Jonathan Cobb. “Device makers that build their products on the Ayla platform automatically reap the benefits of that robust security without any additional development activity, testing, or risk.”

This framework ensures that consumers, too, automatically enjoy the enhanced protection inherent in smart home products developed on the Ayla platform. This stands in stark contrast to a significant segment of the smart home market that prioritizes low cost at the expense of security and privacy. Numerous low-cost smart home products sold on platforms like Amazon come from Chinese manufacturers that have not built their products on a secure platform such as Ayla’s.

Why is this distinction important? Because unless you know what regional privacy guidelines and laws an IoT platform is subject to, you have no idea how well-protected your data might be. Devices operating on IoT platforms developed by companies based in the People’s Republic of China or Russia may be subject to laws that offer less data privacy than consumers expect or deserve.

Cobb highlights a pivotal concern, “Your device data may appear secure, but who governs the platform storing it?”

Ayla’s Commitment to Data Protection

Device manufacturers selecting the Ayla IoT platform can expect the following:

  • Continuous penetration testing by Ayla’s dedicated security team.

  • Protection for their global brand against geopolitical threats of data breaches and surveillance caused by weak data privacy regulations.

  • Benefiting from the wealth of experience from millions of connected devices across major global brands on the Ayla platform.

  • Assurance that they maintain control of their customers’ data.

  • Confidence that their customers’ data, including personally identifiable information (PII) and usage details, are securely managed in compliance with stringent U.S. privacy regulations and standards such as GDPR, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the Consumer Privacy Protection Act (CPPA) in Canada, ISO 27001, and the U.S. Cyber Trust Mark.

Addressing the Cyber Trust Mark, Cobb asserts, “We support this effort 100%. Frankly, despite Ayla’s commitments and investments in platform security, our customers have had limited opportunities to capitalize on this added value. The Cyber Trust Mark will give them the means to do that.”

As data privacy concerns intensify, Ayla continues to align with the highest data protection standards possible. As a result, every participant in Ayla’s IoT ecosystem, from device manufacturers to the end consumers, benefits from the high level of data privacy provided by Ayla Networks.


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