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IoT Cityscape

Simplifying the
Development of your
Smart Home Solutions

Own your customer data and user experience for maximum flexibility

Customer Spotlight

Trusted Solution


Ranked #1

US-based Smart Home Platform by ABI Research

10+ Million

Connected Devices & Growing

Since 2010

Years of Experience

250 Billion

Annual Transactions Growing YoY

Connect Easily & Quickly

Create or augment your connected solution with a proven, industry-leading platform
Support multiple IoT platforms in a single unified user experience
Strengthen privacy & security while reducing risk
Build differentiated products, including the latest enhancements

Top Downloads

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Learn how ISPs overcome challenges to launch a successful smart home service

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ISP Smart Home Guide



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Matter will impact home users, smart home device manufacturers, and retailers. This FAQ addresses many your questions.

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Matter of FAQ

White Papers


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Unlike BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), IoT devices are company-owned and managed assets.

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End the IoT Device Management Nightmare

White Papers


Example Product Categories

Smart Camera Platform
Expand your smart home product offering to include top-tier, user-friendly cameras.  AI integration provides users with smart interactions between cameras, lights, plugs, and more.  Seamlessly integrate with your existing app or a pre-built 5-star user app.   Stand out with feature-rich cameras that offer unique customizations.

Ayla Camera Platform


Easily add cameras to your smart home solution

Build stronger customer relationships

Increase your recurring revenue

Stand out in a competitive market

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