Ayla IoT Platform

With a true agnostic approach, Ayla supports device connectivity across common transport protocols, connectivity paths, and cloud infrastructure platforms. Working seamlessly with HTTPS, MQTT, and CoAP Ayla's wide array of agents are pre-built to support embedded solutions, gateways, Android, Linux, BLE / phone, and cloud integrations.

Ayla's Virtualization Engine enables a robust 'digital twin' of the physical device that lays the foundation for management at IoT scale. With battle tested features including Rules Manager,  Firmware OTA Manager, and Data Policy Manager Ayla's Device Management Engine provides full support for connected products throughout their lifecycle.

With Ayla's Mobile Platform SDK, RESTful API, and Data Orchestration Engine our application enablement (AEP) layer provides strong support for both consumer mobile and business application development. In addition, Customer Care and Field Service applications are provided as native components of the Ayla Platform.