Ayla Networks and Google Cloud Platform

Ayla Networks offers support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP), which means expanded cloud infrastructure options for businesses with connected products. Our industry-leading device connectivity, virtualization, and management technologies are being integrated with GCP to enable customers to leverage the best of Google's application enablement capabilities around ML, AI, and data analytics. 

By choosing Ayla Networks and GCP, connected product manufacturers and service providers access best of breed device connectivity, device management, and application enablement for their IoT solutions.

Ayla and Google Cloud Combined Differentiation

  • Unsurpassed device connectivity and virtualization
  • Flexibility in device connectivity options
  • Exceptional device management capabilities

Google Cloud Platform's Application Enablement

GCP is renowned for its application enablement, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and data analytics capabilities. Now, Ayla customers can choose to tap directly into these powerful GCP capabilities to unlock the value of their IoT data.

Turnkey IoT Solution - out of the box services from device to application layer

Best in Class Device Management - full-featured provisioning, monitoring, and OTA update tools

Native Data Modeling and Intelligence - pre-trained machine learning models for rapid predictive capabilities

Market Leading Security - end to end security and data privacy with GDPR readiness

Best in Class ML and AI - advanced analytics for tangible benefits

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