Ayla Networks & Qualcomm Technologies

In collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, Ayla Networks is pioneering the future of Cellular IoT to drive business transformation for manufacturers and service providers. 

Qualcomm Technologies' cellular IoT SDK will support Ayla Networks’ device agent on any hardware modules for LTE, and will also extend to NB-IoT and CAT-M1. In addition, Ayla’s edge technology will also integrate with Qualcomm Technologies' wireless edge services to enable chipset-as-a-service capabilities. These integrations will provide powerful business solutions to enterprises in the manufacturing, logistics, retail and industrial verticals.

Qualcomm Technologies Wireless Edge Services + Ayla Networks Integration Features

  • Hardware features activiation / deactivation
  • Strong chip-rooted security
  • Initial support on MDM9206
  • Includes support for NB-IoT, CAT-M1

Qualcomm Technologies LTE IoT SDK + Ayla Integration Features

  • MDM9206 LTE Modem
    • Global support of up to 15 global spectrum bands
    • Multimode connectivity capabilities (Cat-M1, NB-IoT, 2G) with a single SKU
    • Tailored for ultra-low power, low-bandwidth, cost-sensitive IoT applications

    • Natively supported with the MDM9206 LTE modem to expose full chipset capabilities
    • Open development interface providing customers direct access to Qualcomm Technologies' network services

Qualcomm Technologies IoT SDK and Wireless Edge Services Business Benefits

Qualcomm Technologies' wireless edge services is anticipated to facilitate the integration, processing, analysis, learning and trusted exchange of information with wireless edge devices and unlock new use cases, services, ecosystems and business models, creating additional value across many industries.

Out-of-the-box connectivity to the Ayla cloud service on all MDM9206-based modules

Optimized total cost of ownership

Robust device security through hardware-based root of trust and streamlined provisioning

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